Treating attention deficit disorder without medication

Treating attention deficit disorder without medication is considered as an art. This is mainly due to the fact that the ADD occurs due to many etiological factors.

Hence, one should not think that the attention deficit disorder occurs always by a solo agent or the cause. The treatment approach in this regard has to be framed on the availability of factors useful to provide relief in the patients affected.

As a first priority, counseling is required during the treating of attention deficit disorder without medication. The counseling needs to be carried out either by a highly respectable person by the patient or by a psychologist.

The counseling however needs to be given a proper support by means of data about the identified or revealed symptoms of ADD in the concerned person.

The presentation of data gathered earlier will be of great help for the persons who indulge in such counseling technique. By treating attention deficit disorder without medication like this, the patient will be convinced in a better manner, finally.

Person may be allowed to undertake picnic etc. This helps to relieve tension in an individual. Hence, the patient may be more attentive finally.Similarly, the music therapy is one of the methods of treating attention deficit disorder without medication.

This procedure helps the person to get a sense of relaxation. This is of great importance in getting the tension relieved. Many CDs are commercially available providing very good music. Persons may be asked to select the type of music he prefers.

Though it may look simple, still it may help in the recovery processes in ADD.Natural remedies are available through out the world now a day, these remedies will be helpful in making a faster recovery.

The merit of these natural remedies is absence of any side effects in them. This is being considered as one of the major advantage when compared to the usage of drugs.

Tuberculinum containing herbal preparation like BrightSpark etc. are available commercially. This helps in the soothing of the transmission process in the brain tissue.

Similarly, the wild oat seeds grown naturally will be of additionally helpful in the control of the hyper excitability in the concerned persons.

Natural remedy like fruits may be considered in persons affected with attention deficit disorders. These items provide the energy status to the body in a fast manner.

Most of the times, the persons affected by the ADD will not have adequate energy levels in his body. Hence, there will be severe lack of energy in them. Hence, provision of fruits or ground grains may be of specifically helpful in this regard.

Alternative therapy without the medicines is generally given more importance now a day because of the fact that the treatment is comparatively safe and cheap also. Hence, many reputed medical institutions also have started to support this kind of hypothesis, recently.


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