Treating attention deficit disorder without drugs

Treating attention deficit disorder without drugs is an art in reality. The concept of treating the deficit disorder with drugs is now a day becoming less popular due to so many factors.

It is equally true that the treatment of ADD without drugs becomes more popular in both the developing and developed countries. This needs a thorough approach often in an intellectual manner, if one has to attain success in dealing with these.

Treating attention deficit disorder without drugs involve usage of different kinds of measures that can lead to the better attention in an individual. One of such measure is to make the individual in a happy mood.

The kinds of relaxation one attains in this regard may be of helpful to provide a sense of relaxation to the concerned.This is even called as music therapy since music is here used for the purposes of provision of relief to the patient affected with attention deficit disorder.

Treating attention deficit disorder without drugs has to be taken up however with cautions. If all the measures related with non-drug treatment fail, no doubt that one has to take appropriate drugs only.

Garlic is known to offer disease resistance power in individuals who seem to be stressed, as happens in case of ADD affected persons. Likewise, papaya may be given to such individuals. Papaya may be given for two purposes.

One is to provide adequate energy to the patients. Similarly, this helps in raising the immunity level of such persons who may be highly vulnerable to different disease causing pathogens, in later years.

Recommendation of fruits in patients as a measure of treating attention deficit disorder without drugs is mainly oriented towards provision of energy in a rapid state.

Likewise, ground grains may be taken as another food based therapy because this also provides adequate amount of energy in a fast manner.

Counseling by known but a highly respectable person of the patient may be of more useful in making a person affected with ADD to be more responsible.

These activities actually help to make the patients to be more attentive during the routine discharge of functions in a day.As an alternative treatment in these patients, one may even take him to a psychologist.

An open type of discussion about the problem felt currently with the patient by the caretaker or guardian or parent helps to a greater extent in solving or minimizing the basic problem. However, one has to bear in mind that all these measures need a calculated approach to solve the main problem.

Natural remedies like provision of rest adequately help the individual to acquire a sense of relaxation. Slowly try to convince the patient about the abnormalities felt by many persons who are concerned on his welfare. In these situations, more cautious steps are required in dealing with the patient.


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