Treating ADD without medication

Treating ADD without medication is to be taken as a challenging activity in case of persons affected. Most of the times, one may tend to use multiple kinds of drugs for the treatment of this problem in persons belonging to various age groups.

Generally the common persons will not accept immediately when you say about the therapy without use of any kinds of drugs. In fact, one has to be convinced before dealing with this.

Treating ADD without medication needs a basic understanding about the multiple causal factors related to the occurrence of ADD. If one does not get through the etiology, it becomes very difficult to deal the problem without the usage of any drugs.

One of the approaches is provision of natural remedies that can make recovery in a smooth manner.Natural ingredients like tuberculinum have to be used for therapy of patients with signs of over excitement.

The product called as Rosemary which is otherwise called as Rosmarinus officinalis helps to destroy the acetylcholine esterase that normally assists the breakdown of acetyl choline.

Similarly, the persons need to be encouraged to undertake picnic etc. that will be of helpful to mix freely with other persons. Hence, in the process he will have some deviations in the routine work schedules. This will give some concrete relief from the symptoms of ADD.

One has to understand that the ADD is not a disease by definition. This is only a condition or disorder due to the alteration in the behavioral patterns.

Many metabolic or neurological factors may lead to these symptoms of ADD. Further, diet based factors may act as additional causal factors for the ADD. Hence, treating ADD without medication is fully justified in practice.

Fish oil may be an useful item that helps in the speedy recovery of persons. Omega-3 fatty acids particularly present in the fish oil helps the treating ADD without medications.

Primrose oil is also additionally used in case of treatment of ADD. Hence, the naturally available items like garlic may be useful in providing some disease resistance to the affected individuals.

Counseling with more respected persons often may help the patient affected with attention deficit disorders. During such counseling actions, one has to be open.

The guardian or the parent has to come out with all evidences gathered with regard to the symptoms of ADD in the concerned individuals.The intellectual counseling with psychologists may be of specific and additional help in solving the issues pertaining to the ADD.

The documented and tabulated symptoms observed and facts perceived need to be put forth in counseling sessions. This will help in bringing the right kind of solutions to the problems identified. Hence, always provide due importance to such counseling activities carried out in systematic manner.


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