Treating ADD with meds

Treating ADD with meds include usage of L tyrosine containing tablets are currently given to the patients suffering from attention deficit disorders.

This is due to the fact that in case of patients with ADD symptoms, this amino acid is found to be deficient. Hence, a supplementation will be of helpful with regard to the L tyrosine as a treatment measure.

Psycho stimulants like methylphenidate are often used in persons affected by ADD. The plus point of methylphenidate over the dextroamphetamine is that it has fewer side effects on comparison.

Amphetamine like drugs are also however routinely being used for the treatment of persons with symptoms of attention deficit disorders.

Treating ADD with meds comprise usage of huperzine-A. This is one of the drug that helps in the stimulation of brain tissues, The products like this help in the inhibition of major metabolites like acetylcholine.

It is note worthy to mention that this action is highly helpful in the enhancement of memory in brain tissues. Hence, the affected persons will be acting in a better manner.

Usage of Dimethylaminoethanol is another drug that is preferred to help in case of stimulation of patients who are found in the depressed state.

The transmission of the nerve impulse needs to move on without any disruptions. Such drugs are more helpful in maintenance of the transmission of impulses in brain tissues.

Treating ADD with meds include administration of caffeine, pemoline, deanol etc. are the other psychoactive drugs that are used in case of persons with hyper excitability based behavior patterns.

Psycho stimulant drugs have both good and unwanted side effects. The facts need to be well understood, first by the care takers of the patients.

Side effects

It is to be understood that long duration based administration of psychoactive drugs lead to side effects like depression, head ache, dullness, reduced activity patterns. Appetite suppression is also encountered as one of the side effects in the persons given such drugs.

Often the digestion related processes are highly interfered. Hence, the affected persons in addition to the major problems of ADD, they suffer from side effects also. Hence, now days, more emphasis is being given to the development of suitable natural medications for the treatment of ADD.

Dosing and drugs

Treating ADD with meds need to involve usage of drugs in correct dosing regimen recommended. If the excess dose is given without ethic, then pronounced side effects would affect the person.

Hence, extreme care is to be exercised in this regard. Psycho stimulant drugs, drugs need not be continuously given.This means that in holidays, the medication may be stopped.

However, this has to be consulted with the concerned medical experts. It is to be understood that the drug effects need to be understood thoroughly before the undertaking of any such medication.


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