Treating ADD with diet

Treating ADD with diet is an art because one should know on the different kinds of diet that are useful towards tackling the symptoms of ADD. Is it amazing? Yes.

This is true which no body can deny. The ADD is not a disease like pneumonia or malaria. This is basically a symptom complex that is caused by the multiple etiological factors.

There are many evidences to link diet with symptoms of ADD. For example, there is an effective linkage between the different kinds of symptoms encountered in attention deficit disorders and the fatty acids.

Hence, the fish oil is often preferred as the preparation useful in the treatment of ADD.Along with normal diet, fish oil is given daily to the concerned patients with ADD.

In this regard, it is to be noted that Omega-3 fatty acid is present in large amounts particularly in marine fishes. Fresh water fishes may have less omega-3 fatty acids.

Similarly, the research has proved on the linkage between magnesium and the occurrence of ADD. Magnesium is found to be deficient in case of individuals with ADD.

Hence, treating ADD with diet should involve the adequate provision of diet with magnesium content. Hydrogenated fats need to be avoided during the provision of diet to the persons with ADD.

Similarly, the refined sugar mixed food products need to be avoided. Avoid the coloring materials of food or preservatives since they tend to increase the symptoms of ADD.

Similarly, the fruits are specifically provided in the diet schedule of the persons affected with these kinds of mental derangements. Fruits generally assist the digestive process that happens in different stages in body.

Hence, the patients with ADD may have some kinds of toxic metabolites due to the probable impairment of the digestion in the deficit disorder cases.

A better digestion removes toxic metabolites naturally and during the process of assisting the digestion the fruits are capable of producing instant form of energy unlike other fruit items. Hope you got the concept. Yes. The ADD affected persons are having lack of energy status.

Hence, to compensate this lacuna, one can choose either the fruits or even the cereals. But the cereals need to be in the form of well ground status.

Even among the fruits, one can choose fruit like papaya. This is because of the fact that such kind of fruits enhances the immune level of the individual.

Treating ADD with diet also comprises the usage of Primrose oil, which may be given to the children affected with ADD in order to strengthen the functions of nervous system.

More fatty acids are provided by this oil content. Choose food items that have enormous amounts of vitamin B6. This is due to the fact that vitamin B6 is found to be decreased in case of patients with mental derangements, as evident in case of ADD affected persons.


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