Attention deficit disorder treatment

Attention deficit disorder treatment is to be chosen after taking a decision on the condition of the patients affected with ADD.

The treatment consists of usage of medicines like antidepressants, psycho stimulants, herbal or homeopathic preparations, diet based therapy, therapy related to the stress reduction, counseling etc.

The wider treatment options need to be given importance because the attention deficit disorder is not considered as a disease like pneumonia or hepatic tumor or diarrhea etc.

Attention deficit disorder treatment using antidepressants is the first chosen therapy during the approach of the condition based on the drug-based therapy. This will be followed by the application of mood elevators.

These mood-elevating drugs are called as psycho stimulators.Usage of psycho stimulator drugs like methylphenidate may have some minus points like occurrence of side effects.

But side effects of psychoactive drugs like amphetamine are more pronounced than the case with the methylphenidate. Hence, the occurrence of side effects needs to be monitored in a careful manner.

Head ache, stomach ache, sleeplessness, disruption in the appetite are the generally encountered side effects whenever the psycho stimulant drugs are used in the patients.

Attention deficit disorder treatment carried out with one patient need not be repeated to another patient. Likewise, the treatment effects also vary like anything.

This is due to the fact that metabolism in every individual is happening not at a uniform rate but at variable rate. Hence, treatment effects reveal more variations in the ADD affected persons.

Attention deficit disorder treatment also consists the usage of natural remedies that can cause fast recovery in such patients. Panax ginseng is one of the herbs available in China.

This product will be of more useful in the enhancement of one’s immunity to a satisfactory level. This herbal preparation may help in the normalizing of body functions.

Similarly, the natural treatment further comprises provision of fruits to the affected persons constantly. The fruits help in the better digestion in addition to the provision of instant energy. The ADD affected persons are lacking in energy status.

Hence, they are in need of immediate energy. In this regard, even the ground grains may be taken as one of the energy rich source to be used in the treatment.

Music therapy is being considered as one of the ADD treatment procedures. Listening music in a calm place may help for the relieving of tension. Hence, the patient feels better. The patient may become more attentive later.

Likewise the counseling forms another therapy in case of persons affected with attention deficit disorders.Counseling needs to be supported by means of documents made in a careful manner.

The counseling based therapy will be of highly useful one towards rendering the desired effects in the patient. Hence, one need not depend only on the drug therapy towards treating the persons, with deranged behavioral patterns.


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