Attention deficit disorder symptoms treatment

Treatment of attention deficit disorder symptoms needs a critical analysis of the multiple facts that are related to the attention deficit disorders. In general, the term treatment means mainly the usage of medicines in the suffering persons with ADD.

Generally, antidepressants, psycho stimulants etc. are commonly used for therapy of the symptoms in such cases.Treatment of attention deficit disorder symptoms need not involve usage of drugs especially in case of children.

The affected children may be revealed the symptoms like presence of short memory power, more distractibility during any actions, over excitement, actions without much care or responsibility etc.

What is needed as the treatment for such patients? Just a coordinated approach with intellectual application of interaction-based counseling is highly required in such persons.

Hence, during the treatment of attention deficit disorder symptoms, don’t get carried away about the usage of medications at all times.There are many symptoms like this, which may be treated without use of any medicaments.

With regard to the usage of drugs, dextroamphetamine is being used often. Likewise, methylphenidate is also used frequently. However, you need to compare the side effects of these commonly used drugs before starting to provide to the patients.

Hence, the role of guardian or the caretaker is more important in tackling of persons affected by ADD.Particularly the persons in teenage group may reveal symptoms like over excitement.

During the treatment of attention deficit disorder symptoms in such patients, these types of behavioral derangements may be corrected by natural remedy itself, like hyoscyamus etc.

Wild oat seeds that are found in the natural areas are of highly useful in the treatment of conditions that reflect the hyper excitability, due to ADD.

The treatment also comprises usage of diet-based approach. In this the food items that yield instant energy are given some concrete emphasis. Fruits give instant energy in this regard.

Further, the treatment based on diet involves the usage of fish oil. It has Omega-3 fatty acids. As revealed by many scientists, the fatty acids are to be linked to the etiology of ADD. Grains in ground status provide instant energy.

Hence, such naturally available remedies need to be incorporated in the treatment of ADD related problems in patients. Don’t choose the fertilizer added herbal preparation.

This is mainly due to the minus points of the fertilizers in the herbs. Hence, the naturally grown herbs may be given additional emphasis in the treatment of the symptoms of ADD.

Likewise, listening to music may be taken as one of the treatment feature. Such activities help the patient to get relieved from the stress causing factors.

The treatment should relate to the provision of multiple vitamins also. This approach is of definite helps because the vitamins like B1, B6 and B12 has role in the function of the nervous system in any individual.


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