Attention deficit disorder symptoms in teens

Attention deficit disorder symptoms in teens are shortly called as ADD symptoms in teens. These types of symptoms are gaining more importance now a day.

Mainly, the incidence of occurrence of these symptoms is getting increased in teens of both developing and the developed countries. Unless one understands the kind of symptoms, it may be difficult to arrive at the solutions for this problem.

Generally, if you find any disease related symptoms, it may be easier to find out the causal factor for the symptoms. But what is surprising is that even when you find out the attention deficit disorder symptoms in teens, in most of the occasions it may become very difficult to find out the exact cause of the problems.

Reason can be ascribed to the associated with the presence of multifaceted causal factors that cause different kinds of attention deficit disorder symptoms in teens.

These causal factors for the symptoms include metabolic, neurological, nutritional, psychological factors etc. The affected teens will be in a state of imagination even during daytime.

Such a daytime dreaming is noticed both in case of males and females. They may be seen simply standing somewhere in a place. We can ascribe no reasons for such long time standing in one place. It seems ridiculous. But it is true. Believe us. They intervene often during discussions.

The teens will be seen not following the instructions properly. You just ask them why the instructions given are not followed in a systematic manner. The answer may be with less care.

Many a time, the person concerned will not bother to take a note of this question. Simply he will do other work, as if not bothered on to give proper attention to the question.

They will not be the good listeners.You may wonder what happened to such person? But it is true. The concerned person is less attentive to all these.

Sometimes, attention deficit disorder symptoms in teens comprise the symptoms related to the hyperactivity-behavioral patterns. They may be seen often squirming their feet or hands. At times, they may be seen squirming both the hands and feet.

The affected teens may procrastinate. If they are studying in school, the peers make a solid complaint on these people. Asked about the nature of complaint, most of the complaints may relate to the poor performance in many activities at the school.

The assignments are not completed in time. Even if he submits, it is with many errors. This has not happened earlier- they say.Particularly in case of females, it will be more difficult to diagnose attention deficit disorder symptoms in teens.

This becomes definitely true if the female is with more IQ.These kinds of symptoms get masked in case of females many a times because the affected girls do all other works that are unwanted or less demanding in nature.

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