Attention deficit disorder symptoms and treatment

Symptoms and treatment of attention deficit disorder are more important from the physician’s angle dealing with such ADD affected patients.

However, the guardian or the parent of the children needs to understand on all these if they are to be successful in dealing with their loved ones.The symptoms in general consist of a complex of events one can be encountered in case of the affected persons.

Identification of symptoms and treatment of attention deficit disorder need to be carried out in a systematic manner, if one wants to have a successful recovery in the concerned patient.

Symptoms even comprise the daytime dreaming activities by the patients without discharging their functions that are due to be completed.

When asked about the lacuna in their completion of routine duties, the patients are reluctant to answer or some times fail to give answer at all. The symptoms and treatment of attention deficit disorder are often interdependent.

According to the severity of the symptoms, the therapy will be given in a phased manner. The treatment with drugs need not be given on all days.

In holidays or weekends, the therapy with drugs like psycho stimulants or antidepressants belonging to the tricyclic group may be discontinued.During these gap, the symptoms of disorders as well as the response of therapy so for carried out need to be monitored and documented.

Information pertaining to the symptoms and treatment of attention deficit disorder are to be sought by browsing of Internet and the persons can participate in the concerned chat sessions and the forums related to this.

Symptoms need to be well documented by the patient’s guardian or the parents and this will be of much helpful during the treatment by means of counseling.

The affected persons will be seen squirming the feet or hands or even both. For making the diagnosis, it may not be easy in all patients. In some cases, it will be more difficult to diagnose the ADD.

For example, the girl children who are somewhat intelligent cannot be diagnosed when ADD affects them. Such children are capable of satisfying their teachers by doing all works other than the education related matters.

The affected persons will be restless and similarly, the affected children will be over reacting and the over excitement related behavioral derangements are often witnessed in these patients.

Even when expected to take their seats, they will not sit and simply will be standing often in such situations.The symptoms based therapy often needs to be oriented towards usage of natural medications like usage of Melissa, Valerian, Ashwagandha etc.

These herbs are used in these ADD affected persons because of absence of side effects like those encountered during drug based therapy as the case with usage of methylphenidate or dextro amphetamine or deanol.


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