Attention deficit disorder medication

Attention deficit disorder medication comprises medications based on drug therapy, medication based on natural therapy involving homeopathic or herbal preparations etc.

The reputed medical institutions may be considered during the adaptation of therapy based on drugs. Many hospitals will be having informative bulletins with regard to the ADD and the concerned medications.

Attention deficit disorder medication often associates the usage of antidepressants, psychoactive drugs like psycho stimulants etc. These mood modifiers need not be given continuously.

Many drugs particularly for the children may not be given during holidays. However, this has to be consulted with a medical expert. But, it is to be remembered that the drug effects need to be monitored in a systematic manner.

This may help to rule out the side effects, if any. Many a time these mood elevators have side effects like head ache, body ache, vomiting, insomnia, which means the sleeplessness.

Drugs like amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are frequently used in the attention deficit disorder medication.Attention deficit disorder medication further comprises usage of antioxidants like vitamin E.

The medication with vitamin E helps in the strengthening of brain tissues. Similarly, the fish oil related medication further helps in the enrichment of neurons.

Hence, the nervous dysfunction as encountered in the form of hyper excitability may be tackled by such medications.Similarly, the drugs with homeopathic medicaments will be of helpful in the treatment of the attention deficit disorders.

In this angle, the preparations containing hyocyamus and tuberculinum may be of useful in tackling the over excitement problems that are noticed in teens and adults.

The food also serves as one of the medications in case of ADD. Food serves to provide energy. The items like ground grains provide some what instant energy in case of persons with ADD.

Persons affected with ADD are deficient in energy status, often. Parental care forms one of the medications to be offered in persons affected. Timely care needs to be provided additionally in a careful manner to these persons

Similarly, the fruits too supply energy in a rapid rate. Further, the toxic metabolites found in the gastro intestinal tract, which may aggravate the symptoms in case of ADD, may be removed by the enhancement of digestion by fruits.

In this angle, fruits like papaya may be chosen. The immunity modification capabilities of these fruits might be attributed for usage of these types of fruits in case of individuals affected.

Counseling forms one of the medications in case of attention deficit disorders. The systematically carried out counseling procedures will help to convince the affected persons in a scientific manner.

However, the counseling persons need to be assisted by proper documentations. The caretaker needs to collect data with regard to the observed symptoms of the affected persons with ADD.


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