Attention deficit disorder medication stimulant

Stimulant medication in attention deficit disorder is an art. Yes. This is true though it is amazing in general. If you start using the stimulant drugs without knowing certain fundamental points, you will probably landing in trouble also.

However, when you use these kinds of drugs in a more judicious manner, then it is possible to have their effects in a successful manner in the body.

Stimulant medication in attention deficit disorder needs to be done particularly when the symptoms are exhibited in a severe manner in the concerned manner.

However, it is stated that the dosing in the initial days need to be started only at a low range and if possible, a low dosing regimen may be maintained in the concerned individual affected with ADD.

One should be careful in the monitoring of side effects of using the stimulant medication in attention deficit disorder. Side effects may often compromise the symptoms like body ache, head ache, hyper excitability based behavioral derangements etc.

Depression may occur in a severe degree if the dosing is started at a high range. Crying and showing signs of irritation etc. are also observed in case of patients.

Side effects need to be monitored systematically. During the drug administration like amphetamine or dextro amphetamine or methylphenidate etc., one need to monitor the drug effects seriously in the concerned persons.

In this regard, it is to be noted that the side effects are less with methylphenidate when compared to that of dextro amphetamine.

Stimulants act by interfering in the cycle of abnormal behavioral patterns in the ADD affected individuals and the functions of the nervous system.If low dose of the stimulant is used in the patient, then the learning capability gets enhanced to a greater extent.

But if high dosing is used in the patient, then the patient gets depressed severely with signs like lethargic movements, dullness etc.However, one is to be aware of the fact that the occurrences of such side effects are almost nil during the usage of natural medicaments.

Hence, it is to be noted that the usage of stimulant medication in attention deficit disorder alone is not a solution in case of patients with ADD.

Approaches in multiple ways need to be followed up during the usage of stimulants like counseling, scientific means, nutrition based therapy etc.During the usage of stimulants, one needs to understand the contra indications of usage also.

If not, the patient will be led into troubles. Patients with glaucoma, seizure episodes, and pregnancy status need not be administered with any kind of stimulant drugs because the effects will not be desirable in these kinds of persons.Drug interactions need to be taken care of. Avoid using stimulant along with medicines for hyper tension.


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