Attention deficit disorder medication new

New medication for attention deficit disorder needs to be developed very rapidly. This is because of the fact that traditional medications have both plus and minus points in terms of effects, side effects, cost etc.

Hence, most of the developing and developed countries are doing intense type of research activities to develop newer kinds of medications.

A new medication for attention deficit disorder consists of medication coupled with utilization of psychologist role in the treatment of ADD in the affected individuals.

During the medication for ADD, it was drugs on which more emphasis is given earlier for achieving recovery to an expected level.

The stimulant drugs like methylphenidate is now a day newly produced in double bead form, each releases the drugs in different timings.

Hence, the frequency of the administration of the drug is minimized. The beads have differently timed release-mechanisms of the drug.

Hence, the patient feels convenient in taking such newer form of medications that encapsulates a sustained release mechanism.

However, a structured and systematic approach is now being made as a kind of new medication for attention deficit disorder.

This consists of adaptation of treatment using different kinds of medicaments but this is coupled with the usage of intellectual interactions with the patient.

The new medication for attention deficit disorder even consists usage of fruits as one of the nutritional therapies that assist the fast recovery in the affected persons.

In this type of new medication, along with the drugs, fruits like papaya are chosen. The fruits like papaya help in dual ways. Trileptal is being used as one of the newer medications.

Similarly certain drugs are manufactured newly with double micro beads associating the osmotic system for the purpose of sustained release mechanisms.

For example, drugs like methylphenidate is prepared in such a manner, so that the drug need not be given so frequently, as done in older days.

Such newer medications are always welcome one. The osmolar differences in the body fluids and the medicament combination are used as the basis for the sustaining effect of the drug used for therapy of ADD.

Membrane barriers are being used in a delicate manner to make this sustained release in a successful manner. Atomoxetine is a newer drug in the pipeline of therapy carried out in the ADD affected persons.

However, more clinical trials are still being carried out with patients belonging to the different age groups affected by attention deficit disorder.

The insomnia usually experienced with the stimulant type of drugs is not apparent during the usage of atomoxetine like drugs.Newer drugs are given along with fish oil which has omega-3 fatty acids which are in general deficient in case of patients with ADD.

Medical guidelines are to be followed especially with newer medicaments in a strict manner. This helps a lot in getting the speedy recovery from ADD. Further, it helps to minimize the side effects.


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