Attention deficit disorder medication effects

Medication effects in attention deficit disorder are the ones that are produced in the patient treated with different kinds of medical agents to make a speedy and an effective recovery.

In this angle, one should be careful in dealing with the patient by properly assessing the medication effects.Many medicaments used may cause increase in the heart rate and blood pressure of the ADD affected persons.

Hence, if the person is already having hypertensions, then one needs to have reservation in the usage of psycho stimulant type of drugs in the concerned individual.

Medication effects in attention deficit disorder always may not occur favorably in a person. The occurrence of medication effects varies from individual to individual.

Drug tolerance, immunity level, nutritional status maintained, psychology, pharmaco kinetic properties of the drugs given, condition of body in general etc. are the factors that will determine the medication effects in the ADD affected persons.

Unwanted medication effects in attention deficit disorder often occur in case of persons, if a proper dosing regimen is not maintained. This is true even in case of persons given an inappropriate drug for the therapeutic management of the condition.

The patients may suffer from some forms of inconvenience during the undergoing of therapy with many such drugs.Many persons along with depression will experience body pain.

Persons affected with ADD may often reveal impulse based behavioral patterns. When drugs are given, the medication effects in attention deficit disorder are reflected in the form of calmness.

Hence, the person who is recovering properly may be able to discharge his or her routine activities in a satisfactory condition.The peers and close friends in school start praising the concerned persons.

The drugs when given in low doses help to increase the learning capacity of individuals. But when given in high doses, it may cause severe form of depression in the concerned person.

Hence, one needs to be more careful in dealing with patients and the dosage needs to be carried out in a systematic manner.In this regard, it is noteworthy to mention that the persons with ADD who are undergoing therapy with methylphenidate reveal lesser side effects than the persons administered with dextro amphetamine.

Medication effects will not be harmful to the body when natural medications are given, like wild oat seeds, Melissa, Ashwagandha etc.Even during the monitoring of medication effects, persons need to be given food that can give an instant form of energy like fruits or ground cereals.

Medication effects will be more unfavorable with usage of psycho stimulants or mood elevators in case of persons with glaucoma or hypertension or pregnancy status.

Medication effects need to be shared with the attending person who can make some kinds of medications of the therapy accordingly in the concerned person.

Documentation is of highly useful that may be really helpful in such occasions. This is possible mainly by the caretaker or the parent of the patient in an effective manner.


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