Attention deficit disorder in children

Attention deficit disorder in children has received worldwide attention to a greater extent in the current periods. This is because of the fact that the incidences of these types of deficit disorders are more commonly encountered in the children of different countries.

The ADD is not a disease like the case of pneumonia, typhoid, etc.The symptom complex causing these types of disorders are produced by multiple causal factors.

Hence, the therapy options also need to be oriented to multiple approaches in these cases. The attention deficit disorder in children often associates with the complaints of not completing the home works in time.

Even if they have completed their works in the schools, the works are often incomplete. Many a times, the peers are noticed complaining about the lesser cooperation of the concerned person. The attention deficit disorder in children needs to be monitored for a considerable period of time before coming to the conclusions.

The symptoms further comprise the daytime dreaming by the concerned boy or the girl. They may be seen sitting or standing in some corner of house or in a pathway as if observing a material very seriously.

The interactions with friends are noticed to be deficient. Even when work schedules are allotted, they will be careless in the completion of such works given. When asked, the reply will reflect their carelessness.

We may start wondering what happened to the individual. Attention deficit disorder in children in very younger age relates often to the over excitement based behavioral derangements.

The affected ones are found shaking the hands or the feet frequently. Sometimes, both are involved. Crying meaninglessly often is another kind of symptom revealed.

If you start probing on the causal factors, one may come across the incidences excessive spending of time daily in seeing TV programmes daily.

Attention deficit disorder in children involves therapy using drugs, natural medications, psychological methods, nutritional supplements to assist the recovery etc.

Application of effective measures to interact well with the concerned patient often helps but needs to be carried out in an intellectual manner.

The special kinds of trainings undergone by parents or guardians often are helpful to effect such interactions in a meaningful manner.Fish oil may be given along with primrose oil to the affected children.

These provide fatty acids, which are found deficient in the ADD, affected persons. Fruits may be given often to the ADD affected children because they provide instant form of energy to them.

Similarly, ground cereals also may be chosen and the magnesium rich food items may be the preferred ones in case of ADD.Natural medication involves usage of herbal products, which will not have any kind of side effects.

In this context, it is note worthy to mention that many allopathic medicaments like dextro amphetamine or methylphenidate etc. have side effects like sleeplessness called as insomnia, depressions if used for longer time, etc.


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