Attention deficit disorder in children symptoms

The symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children often may or may not have the symptoms pertaining to the hypersensitive reactions. Most of the times, the behavior gets modified to the extent that can be recognized.

The affected children are less attentive in their works. So, more complaints are made against the children. When enquired, one wonders that the children who were earlier known to be active are lethargic.

You know why? The children may be affected by the symptoms of attention deficit disorder. You try to assign some works. If the child does not do it properly, forget it.

But if the child who does normally in a systematic manner the same work is now found to be careless, then suspect the child. Hope you have understood what I mean to say.

The attention deficit disorder in children comprises symptoms pertaining to the deranged behavior pattern in the children. This means there is definite deviation in the activity patterns of the children.

The children may be of dreaming types in daytime. As if seriously watching the sky or some place, they stand for a long time. It becomes easier to find symptoms of attention deficit disorder in male children than the female children.

This may be due to the fact that male children are more rebellious than the female children. The children forget to take important items like school record or pens or pencils.

They get a bad name in the school also. The parent most of the time wonders on what happened to the kids.The time spending idly in house will be seen extended.

The children may get scolded by many persons for the failure to keep things in right way. Many children have problems in being diagnosed before the school age.

But, once the children enter the school, then the symptoms of attention deficit disorder get pronounced.They seem to be noncompliant.

The children are careless in doing their routine works. Most of the time, the perseverance is lost in doing various activities. They may be seen shaking their lower extremities repeatedly. Impulsive actions are encountered in the affected children.

The friends of such children often leave them due to the deranged behavior encountered. The children may become silent without mixing with others.

Persons surrounding such children start thinking on the reasons for such behavioral deficits. When the father or mother assigns specific works, the children either do with less care or may not carry out at all without any regrets.

When asked about the lacuna observed, the children maintain simply silence without giving proper answer to the question. Overall, the self-dependence is getting reduced in children.

Most of the times, there is a complaint from peers. Less care is paid in various activities of the day. Bad name goes to the concerned in surprise. Hence, take care of the symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children.


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