Attention deficit disorder diagnosis in children

Attention deficit disorder diagnosis in children is an art to be carried out in a careful but intellectual manner. The symptoms are somewhat different to some extent between sexes.

The diagnosis of symptoms in case of female children is somewhat more difficult when compared to that in boys. In general, it is stated that the diagnosis of attention deficit disorders is more difficult.

However, attempts can be made to have effective diagnosis if the problems are approached from various angles. The concerned children often are noticed standing even when advised to sit in the selected seats.

Some sorts of non-cooperation may be evident in all actions. However, it needs long time observations to make a note of all these symptoms before concluding the diagnosis.

The affected children have frequent squirming of hands or feet or certain times both hands and feet. The symptoms orient to the school based works also.

If the peers of the affected children are approached, often a complaint on non-cooperation of the child is being reported.Attention deficit disorder diagnosis in children further gets based on the history of time of spending by the concerned in the TV programmes, daily.

The affected children are often observed to spend lot of time in watching the different TV events in a day. Hence, the behavioral pattern gets deranged in the course of time.

However, this alone may not be the specific cause for the occurrence of symptoms in ADD.Many causes are there to be probed in an effective manner. The analysis of all these may help to bring to lime light the facts on diagnosis.

Attention deficit disorder diagnosis in children may even relate to the less responsibilities of the concerned individual.This can be more evident when we assign the specific works to the concerned school going children.

Attention deficit disorder diagnosis in children further associates the application of other psychological methods in the children especially in case of smart children who satisfy the teachers by performing works other than specific assignments.

For this, one has to probe into the completion of various activities by the concerned children.Often reluctant answer is the one received from the affected children.

When asked about the reasons for the delay or non-completion of the concerned work given, most of the times, no answer is given by the concerned.

We may wonder on what has happened to the kid, now a day. One has to be more vigilant in observations and most of the times, the diagnosis becomes more difficult to make.

Broad array of disruptive type of behavioral derangements are often encountered in the affected children. The diagnosis may be made by closer observations of the children who may engage in the daytime dreaming activities.

Such children may be seen standing in a corner of a house or in a lane seeing one side as if doing some kinds of research on the concerned material.


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