Attention deficit disorder-diagnosis and treatment

Attention deficit disorder-diagnosis and treatment is an art. Unless specific diagnosis is made on the ADD, it may become more difficult to adapt a treatment regimen in the concerned.

Diagnosis gets established particularly when the symptoms are clear as in case of pneumonia etc. But, in ADD the symptoms are vague and are less apparent unless one is very serious about the probing of specific symptoms.

Symptoms pertaining to the ADD often reflect the lesser cooperation of the child or the adult individual during the performing of the given assignments.

When asked about the reasons for this, the answer may not be given properly or no answer is given many times.Attention deficit disorder-diagnosis and treatment has to be carried out by persons subsequent to getting of expertise in the identification of symptoms in the ADD affected individuals.

Even the non-medical persons can make some diagnosis concretely if the concerned persons browse the Internet and participate in the chat sessions or forums associated with such mental derangements.

Attention deficit disorder-diagnosis and treatment needs to be carried out in a systematic manner. Many reputed institutions are running now a day conducting some kinds of training programs for parents or the guardians who have more access to deal with the children affected by ADD.

Trained persons are able to interact well with the affected persons who get easily convinced to a greater extent by such interactions. Symptoms are generally related to the over excitement related behavioral derangements, impulse based behavior patterns like squirming of feet or hand or both often etc.

Treatment is often based on the severity of symptoms. Subsequent to the diagnosis, drugs acting on transmission of impulses are given depending on the severity of the conditions.

Attention deficit disorder-diagnosis and treatment are given more emphasis because of the frequent encountering of this type of mental derangements in many persons in both developing and developed countries.

Treatment consists of usage of psycho stimulators or antidepressants. Side effects like body ache, head ache, sleeplessness, which is otherwise called as insomnia are common with usage of mood elevators or stimulants.

However, these kinds of side effects may not be encountered in case of persons administered with natural medicaments like different kinds of herbs like valerian, Melissa etc.

Treatment needs to be considered from multiple angles. Drug alone is not a choice. Once the diagnosis is made, nutritional supplements may be given like provision of fish oil or primrose oil or both.

These helps to provide the fatty acids that are found deficient in case of patients affected with ADD.Similarly, the persons associated with diagnosis and treatment generally monitor the patient closely for a long time.

The drugs may not be given all times. Many a times, the drug administration can be disrupted for few days. Just observe closely the side effects or main effects and document these effects clearly.

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