Attention deficit disorder children treatment

Attention deficit disorder-treatment in children is currently gaining more emphasis. This is due to the fact that the number of incidences is getting increased like anything, through out the world.

Since multiple causes are ascribed to this, the treatment also needs to be based on the multiple approaches. This helps for a speedy and also an effective recovery in case of affected children.

Psycho stimulant drugs are given to children if the symptoms are found in a severe manner like hyper excitability based behavior derangements.

Methylphenidate is given to many children with ADD. When compared to the drugs like dextro amphetamine, this is a better drug. This is mainly due to the lesser side effects subsequent to the administration of this drug.

Attention deficit disorder-treatment in children comprising allopathic drugs need to be monitored for the side effects of these drugs. The side effects comprise sleeplessness termed as insomnia, deranged impulsive actions as evident in daily activities.

Attention deficit disorder-treatment in children also may comprise natural medications. For example, the treatment with Melissa which is a herb helps in the effective control of over excitement based derangements.

Similarly, the wild oat seeds that are found in the natural areas may be chosen for the effective control of over excitement.

Fish oil may be given as a nutritional supplement to assist the attention deficit disorder-treatment in children. Fish oil has omega-3 fatty acids, which is of highly helpful in the therapy of ADD.

There is a definite linkage between the ADD and the fatty acid deficiency. The children receiving treatment with multiple drugs need to be given fish oil which is predominant in case of marine fishes.

Low dosing of drugs like mood elevators are required in case of children. This helps to increase the learning capacity of the children to a greater extent.

However, it is to be noted that the dosing needs to be avoided at a higher range because this may produce the severe form of depression in them.

Monitoring of the therapy based on the administration of drugs is highly required one in case of children. This is because of the fact that the children develop side effects rapidly if the drugs are not tolerated to the satisfactory level.

In holidays or the weekends where they don’t need to attend the school, the children need not be given any kinds of drugs, in general.

In these periods, simply observe them for the side or main effects of the drugs. Document these changes in a systematic manner.

Such actions will be of helpful in the effective recovery especially when the therapy is coupled with the counseling. Hence, it is the multiple approaches that are required in case of treatment of ADD.


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