ADD treatment options

ADD treatment options comprise in a broader angle two types. One is the option related to the treatment with
medications. Another option is related to the non-drug treatment option.

The non-drug based treatment option is gaining fast momentum now a day because of many plus points.Of course, when the non-drug based treatment fails to yield an expected success rate, naturally one has to resort to the drug based treatment option only.

However, on comparison it should be noted that the non-drug based AHD treatment options have some notable advantage like absence of side effects.

But this will not be true with case of medications by drugs. Usage of ADD treatment options associating the allopathic drugs now a day is found to have unwanted side effects.

These side effects may equally harm the various systems of the body
like the original or the primary problem.Drugs like amphetamine have more side effects like headache or body ache in addition to the gastro intestinal problemsespecially when they are taken at high dose rate.

However, the psycho stimulant drugs like methylphenidate and pemoline allmay lead to the development of side effects like sleeplessness called insomnia etc. Hence, more cautions need to be
exercised during the usage of this type of stimulant type of drugs.

Similarly, the drug-based treatment involves usage of anti-depressants, which will be of useful to balance the mind of the
affected persons.

Then the treatment will be followed by usage of stimulant type of drugs. Finally, one may have to followboth the anti-depressant drug and the stimulant drug simultaneously.

Hence, it may be possible to attain the desired effects in the ADD affected patients.Therapy with stress minimizing measures again form one of the ADD treatment options for persons affected with ADD.

In this approach, what ever practically felt to cause a decrease in stress factors to the patient, they are taken for
delivery of remedial measures. This is termed popularly as music therapy.

One can be allowed to select the music pattern, which is under direct preference, by the concerned. This brings a sense of

This also provides additionally a sense of happiness to the patient. Ultimately, all these are oriented toreduce the so-called stress factors that are true in existence.

The ADD treatment options also comprise conducting of an effective counseling for the affected person with ADD. This typeof counseling has tremendous effect in bringing a sense of responsibility for the concerned patient.

Further, calling apreferred and more respectatble person may be a welcome one, in this regard.However, one has to arrange a psychologist when things are warranting such meeting.

No doubt that such counseling will beof more effective one often, due to the expertise available with such psychologists.Through out the world, more emphasis is being provided to the adaptation of therapy based on the non-drug approach.


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