ADD symptoms in teens

ADD symptoms in teens indicate the attention deficit disorder related symptoms that are becoming more apparent now a day in both the developing and the developed countries.

Such symptoms need to be understood in clear ways. Then only the treatment will be undertaken in earlier stage itself. To identify such symptoms of attention deficit disorder, one may have to compare with the behavior pattern of other normally behaving teens.

There may be meaningless roaming on the part of the teens. When asked about the failure in keeping up of the programmes, often no concrete answer may be received from them.

Many times, they may be seen not caring at all. One may wonder on such type of behavior found with teens.But it is true. Got it what it is implied in this paragraph? Yeah.

They are less responsive in the reactions, indicating that the symptoms are pertaining to the derangement of behavioral patterns due to multiple causes.

Infact, they do most of the things in less careful manners. Asked about it, they may not react or give some namesake answers for the question.

Let’s assume that the parents are assigning some specific works. The works will not be completed in time at all. Further, they seem to be not responsible in carrying out the instructions.

Some sort of surprise occurs during occurrence of such situations. Finding of such symptoms may be correlated with their behavioral observation at school and in working place also, if so.

In the school often the friends of the affected persons will say that the boy or girl in teen age is not at all behaving well with them. Though they could not assign any reasons for that, it can be said that there is definite change in the routinely carried out activities.

The discharging of activities like record writing, completion of assignments etc. will be done in a careless manner. More mistakes or errors are made in such project works allotted to them.

ADD symptoms in teens hence need to be probed seriously. The affected teens will be seen often squirming their hands. Some times, they may be seen squirming the feet too.

ADD symptoms in teens may comprise some hyperactivity behavior also. When asked to take the seat for some time, they may be seen shaking their legs.

Often, they may be found restlessness. Once asked on all these, they will not bother on such questions. Though they are to be seated for some time, they may tend to get up in between. They move also.

ADD symptoms in teens may comprise daytime dreaming also. Standing in one place without meanings is noticed in the affected persons.

School peers may be revealing more complaints with regard to the carrying out of works in a disorganized manner by the concerned teens.


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