Add symptoms in children

ADD symptoms in children indicate mainly the attention disruptive disorder. These symptoms in children can occur due to the existence of multifaceted causal factors.

One has to understand the variable etiological factors to some extent at least before understanding on the identification of such symptoms in children.

Multiple etiological factors are usually assigned to the occurrence of this deficit disorders like metabolic, neural and psychological causes etc.

Less attention is often assigned as one of the major symptoms revealed. What do you mean of less attention? You may ask us. Suppose let us imagine.

A boy is assigned a work that can be completed in time. But the boy fails to do it in time. You ask him why he has not done that. He may answer with much reluctance with few words.

Some times, he may not listen at all to your question. This is the exact meaning of less attention.ADD symptoms in children often associate with deficit in impulse perceiving or activity patterns.

Let us come to the school environment. Suppose when the peers say about the need of carrying out some actions with regard to the sports activities that are programmed.

The affected children may not do it all. If compelled to do them, he will just dodge by telling some lame reasons. Less interest is shown by the affected kids.

ADD symptoms in children get noticed particularly when the age advances because the burdens also may be increased to them according to the age. For example, in the school, the academic burden may become significant while kids pass and go to the next standards.You know.

Certain times, the kids may be seen squirming when they are seated. They may show much reluctance in getting seated though they may be requested to remain in their seats for some considerable period of time.

Even some kids may be seen fidgeting their hands or even feet often.ADD symptoms in children may associate with day time dreaming also.

These kinds of children may be seen sitting idly or standing in some corners of house or school. Meaninglessly, they may be seen watching idly without doing any actions. Day dreamers are identified with difficulty in reality.

Hei. Now I hope that you understand what ADD means. The children affected may be seen restless some times. Often, they may talk during a discussion in a frequent manner.

They may be seen to have no patience at all to listen. Even they may tend to intervene the systematically carried out discussion in between the talks.Failure to do the home work is reported most of the times by the school teacher.

When approached, these type of children may be seen incompatible with other children or even with close friends. Peers may even complain on these children for their indifference or less care related activities to the teacher or parents.


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