ADD symptoms diagnosis

Diagnosis of the ADD symptoms has become the talk of the day due to the frequent occurrence of these kinds of symptoms in many persons.

However, it is to be noted that there is no consistent symptom that is measured at one point of time with regard to the diagnosis of ADD. This indicates that there are multifaceted causal factors that get associated with the development of this attention deficit disorder.

There is somewhat a correlation between the concerned etiological factor and the revealed symptom. Diagnosis of these symptoms due to the attention deficit is often difficult in case of toddlers.

But if the toddlers exhibit symptoms pertaining to the hyperactivities, consistently for more period of time, then it may be little easy to identify these problems in very younger group of kids.

But however, this needs an intellectual approach for making any diagnosis of the ADD in persons. Multiple symptoms may affect children, teens, teenagers and adults. However, the symptoms get more apparent once the age advances. Hence, the recognition of symptoms is easy to some extent in case of adults or teens than in case of children especially in toddlers in very young age group.

ADD symptoms and diagnosis are now days given more emphasis by the parents. Similarly, the psychologists too pay additional attention to these types of symptoms and diagnosis.

The symptoms are really difficult to identify in one glance unlike in case with any disease. Often there are derangements in the behavioral patterns that get reflected as symptoms.

In most of the countries including developing and developed countries, the ADD symptoms and diagnosis is getting more complicated.

This may be due to the fact that various developments and advancements have been made in media, information technology etc. Hence, ultimately one has little time to imagine or to correlate things in realities.

The child watching TV programmes for a long time, daily often has very little time to imagine. The diagnosis needs to be coupled always with a history of performance in school or in working place or home.

Many a times, behavior pattern in all these places combined need to be taken as criteria for the diagnosis.ADD symptoms and diagnosis need to be dealt always-based on objective and systematic study in an individual.

Just for a day, if one observes any abnormal behavior, suddenly one should not jump to the conclusion of ADD in such individuals. The diagnosis may be wrong in such occasions.

Often, the medical equipments like electrocardiograph or endoscope or scanner etc. fail to identify the deranged behavioral pattern in individuals. The data collected are often based on subjective ones. Additionally, these data are often collected by untrained personnel or lay men.

Increased hyperactivities, frequently reported poor responsibilities in discharging functions, many incidences of less-compatibilities with other persons etc. can help in framing the diagnosis of ADD symptoms. These however need to be monitored for a long time.


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