ADD symptoms and treatment

ADD symptoms and treatment are to be looked into as a combined entity. This is due to the fact that there is a close relationship between these two features.

In this regard, it is to be quoted that ADD is not a disease but a disorder that reflects a complex of symptoms that are to be managed by means of intellectual treatment.

Hence, the treatment of ADD symptoms may be considered as an art. Drugs alone cannot do the treatment in the case affected with attention deficit disorders.

The affected persons will often be revealing over excitement related behavior patterns. This means that the person may be seen frequently squirming the feet or hands. At times squirming activity may be seen involving both hands and feet.

Similarly sitting restlessly in seats may be considered as one of the ADD symptoms and treatment in these cases often relate to the usage of antidepressants or the drugs that active on the stimulatory pathway of brain tissues.

The psycho stimulants may be of helpful in the control of the over excitement related actions. However, these symptoms need to be tabulated for documentation purpose.

ADD symptoms and treatment procedures are generally quoted in the medical bulletins of the reputed hospitals that are handling the cases of ADD.

The side effects of the drugs belonging to various pharmacological groups need to be revealed not only to the patient but also to the caretaker of the patient.

Whenever doubt arises on the side effects of the medicaments prescribed, they need to be clarified with the medical experts.During the management of the symptoms in case of attention deficit disorders, the patient may experience sleeplessness called as insomnia, depression, headache, stomachache, body ache etc.

Some may even experience the vomiting or diarrhea certain times. The side effects during the long-term treatment may vary from individual to individual.

Information pertaining to the ADD symptoms and treatment may be collected in the Internet through participation in various appropriate forums and also in chat sessions. The parents of other patients if any may also be consulted about the treatment steps and particularly, the side effects of the drugs given.

Similarly, the treatment of ADD problem further associates with stress relieving measures. In this regard, music therapy may be preferred.

This can cause some reduction in the stress factors, which are very difficult to quantify. In this regard, the parental care also need to be increased during the treatment procedures, though already parental care is being given, additional emphasis needs to be given to the patients in this regard.

Counseling forms another form of treatment in these cases with ADD. Counseling contributes definitely some major plus points towards making recovery of the patients with attention deficit disorder.

However, the counseling persons need to be helped by providing the carefully collected data about the particular person affected. Thus it needs a systematic work up during the treatment of persons with ADD.

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