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Natural cure for ADD consists of usage of natural items that are easily available in the local areas. It is note worthy to mention that the natural cure consists of usage of natural food items, usage of different kinds of herbs etc.

The plus point of usage of natural cures is to be understood by all persons associated with the mental derangements. Natural cure for ADD using food items varies with region to region.

This is mainly due to the availability of the concerned natural cure-causing item.Exposing the affected person to the natural cure like taking the concerned person to the jasmine or rose flower field etc helps for the fast recovery.

Aromatherapy using natural flowers is of highly useful in case of persons affected with ADD. This action helps to give a sense of relaxation in case of the concerned patients.

This should not be carried as an impression that it is the aromatherapy that can cause such relaxation feeling and is the only natural cure for ADD.Some persons may have a sense of relaxation simply by providing him or adequate rest.

Certain persons may be exposed to some tourism related places to have a sense of relaxation. Such persons have a faster recovery in many occasions.

Simple walking daily gives many persons affected a sense of relaxation. Likewise, Melissa is one of the herbal items that is being used as a natural cure for ADD.This is used mainly in the control of over excitement related activities.

Wild oat seeds are chosen to strengthen the nervous system. Particularly to have facilitating effects related to the transmission of impulses, these herbs are highly used currently in many countries during the treatment of ADD affected patients.

Withania somnifera is one of the herbs, which is of useful in the treatment of over excitement related mental derangements. However, though many herbs are quoted in different resources as therapy assisting agents for ADD, always one needs to give more emphasis to the scientifically proved natural medication.

Fruits may be taken as natural cure assisting agent. This is mainly due to the fact that the fruits offer instant form of energy status to the individuals with ADD symptoms. Additionally, ground cereals may be chosen as another form of natural remedy in the treatment of ADD.

Fruits like papaya further have the plus point of enhancing the immunity of the affected person. Most of the times, the affected persons have a compromised immunity level.

Those persons will be often vulnerable to the effects of pathogens. Hence, offering papaya like fruits help them significantly. Natural cure consists of usage of primrose oil along with the fish oil.

These help in the effective control of hyper excitability based mental derangements. These oils strengthen the function of the nervous system. Only selected fishes of marine field provide these essential fatty acids.

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