ADD medications side effects

Side effects of ADD medications have to be noted down in the ADD medication related informative bulletin. Side
effects need to be given now a day more significance. You may ask why should we give consideration on the side effects? Itis true that we have to bother about the main effects only.

However, the side effects gain significance due to the specific system involvement. If the side effects of ADD
medications dominate, at one point of time, the drug-user may experience discomforts mainly.

In such occasions, there arechances that the dose regimen could not be followed in a correct manner. Hence, there are more probabilities for thediscontinuation of the main treatment.

Finally, the purpose of the treatment may get lost. Hence, medical experts always quote on the side effects of drugs,whenever they prescribe in case of ADD affected patients.

When the psycho stimulant type of drugs are being used in
persons, side effects comprise occurrence of head ache, stomach ache, depression, sleeplessness called insomnia, depression of appetite etc.

If large dose rate is followed, then the individual will experience more side effects. For example, there may be a retardedgrowth rate and long-standing appetite suppression.

There are even many medical experts who recommends on the usage ofalternative medicines for ADD.Many a times, natural remedies are given more emphasis.

This is due to the lack of side effects. Because one may encounter the ADD medication related side effects in a more pronounced manner with regard to the usage of allopathic drugs.

But incase of natural remedies, there may not be any side effects. Hence, safety of the individual is not jeopardized at any point of time.

If the side effects get more pronounced, then the side effects of ADD medications need to be attended medically. Hence, the medical experts need to be consulted in this regard.

If not, the side effects of the medications used in ADD affected patients will become main effects spoiling the well being of the individual.

Side effects during this kind of medications often vary with the drugs. All drugs will not reveal same pharmacological effects. Hence, the drug effects along with side effects reveal many variations.

Such variations in side effects are generally well revealed by the medical experts to their patients.If the side effects of various drugs are not clearly revealed, then the patient unnecessarily gets panic about the concerned effects encountered in this body.


Some drugs may even worsen the conditions. Some times, as one of the sideeffects, blood to the brain tissue is interfered.Hence, memory loss may occur. Hence, always care needs to be exercised during the follow up of medications in ADD affected patients.

Continuous treatment may not be a required one for all days. There is a need for discontinuation of the therapyat some point of time. If used excessively, then there may be permanent loss of memory related functions.


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