ADD medication stimulant

Stimulant medication in ADD should be used with all cautions. Yes. This is true. If you don’t exercise clinical precautions, the persons using these types of medicaments may land in trouble also.

Hence, one needs to understand the types of stimulants being used in such attention deficit disorder affected persons.In many patients with ADD, there is decrease in the number of dopamine receptors.

Most of the stimulant drugs assist the increase in the amounts of dopamine available to the system. Because the stimulant medication in ADD improves the attention span along with lessening of the impulse based behavioral abnormalities, these stimulants are being currently used in case of children also with ADD.

Most of the times, amphetamines are used in case of ADD affected patients. But, still more commonly methylphenidate is being used. In this regard, one has to remember on the occurrence of side effects that are produced by the stimulant medication in ADD.

However, one can avoid such side effects if they use the natural medicaments unlike the case with allopathic medications like dextro amphetamine etc.

Stimulant drugs like methylphenidate produces lesser side effects than the drugs like dextro amphetamine. The patients need to be dosed in the initial days with low dose since this may help to enhance the learning capacity in case of ADD affected persons.

If high doses are given, side effects may occur in a more pronounced manner in the concerned patients.Side effects include headache, body ache, depression, and sadness with crying.

Most of the times, there is elevation in the heart rate along with the presence of an elevated blood pressure. Hence, the affected individual dosed with such stimulant drugs feels inconvenience during routine movements of the day-to-day life.

Depression will be more pronounced especially when the over dosage of the concerned stimulant drugs are being used in the patients affected with ADD.

The stimulant drugs need not be given continuously. In case of holidays, the drug administration may be stopped. Hence, the patient’s caretaker or the guardian may use this period to monitor the patient revealing the effects of the drugs used.

The stimulant drugs act by interference in the cycle of inappropriate behavioral patterns exhibited by the concerned patients and the motivation of the patient.

The stimulant drugs are more useful since they are capable of modifying the behavior patterns that are reflected by means of modifications in the academic activities of the patient, lessening of impulsivity in an individual affected with ADD etc.

Whatever be the type of stimulant medication in ADD affected patient, it seems better always to adapt a multiple channel-based approaches.

Even supplements, therapy related with psychology, nutrition based therapy etc. need to be carried out along with the stimulant drugs. This can yield better results than the approach using only the stimulants.


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