ADD medication options

ADD medication options relate to the multiple factors, since many causes are basically involved in the production of symptoms. Needs to be dealt in terms of nutrition, stress, natural measures, drugs, psychological measures etc.

Hence, instead of an isolated measure of treatment, use a combination of medication measures as options of therapy.

Diet therapy

The diet therapy is one of the ADD medication options. Fish oils with more amounts of omega-3 fatty acids are highly preferred as a diet related therapy.

They help in the brain function based enrichments. Feingold diet like products may be useful in the ADD affected persons. Overall, the vitamins B1, B6, B12 are given some importance in the treatment.

Stress reducing measures

Choose from the available CDs like the case with title as ‘Relaxed Alertness’ or ‘Productive Flow’ etc. Listening music in some leisure hour help to reduce stress based reactions.

However, to bring calmness to the restless persons with other ADD symptoms, this kind of therapy called music-therapy may be attempted. These can be described as music for mind.

Similarly, the persons need to be encouraged to undertake picnic etc. that will be of helpful to mix with other persons. Hence, in the process he will have some deviation in the routine work schedules. These types of ADD medication options will give some concrete relief from the symptoms of ADD.

Psychological therapy

The specific lacuna in the discharge of functions needs to be understood. Accordingly, talk with the concerned openly. Tell the kids about the benefits of listening. Convince about the completion of works in time. Most of the times, the matters have to be dealt with psychological manner rather than with medical ways.

Parental care

Even parental care is to be taken as one of the ADD medication options. Parental care daily may be an added factor to be taken care of. Hence, additional care needs to be given to such patients suffering from ADD. Just ask the kid about his program today. Enquire on whether he has completed work.

Natural medications

Natural remedies are one of the ADD medication options. These medications are quoted to cause less side or nil side effects often when compared to the allopathic drugs. For example the wild oat seeds have tremendous effects in patients who reveal the hyper excitability problems pertaining to the ADD.


When the symptoms become more and pronounced, then naturally one has to turn to the medications that are commonly used in such patients. For example, the hyper excitability problems need to be tackled with drugs that cause sedation.

Methylphenidate is often used as a stimulant in case of persons affected with ADD. Similarly, amphetamine is an approved one for use in child aged even 3 years. Metadat-ER is the product useful for long-term stimulation. This has methylphenidate in wax-like material.


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