ADD medication non stimulant

Non-stimulant medication in ADD is highly preferred by many patients who suffer from the mental derangements related with attention deficit disorders.

Stimulant type of drugs act on multiple brain related chemicals and hence, finally it may leads into the drug abuse. More research is being carried out in the development of non-stimulant type of drugs useful for the treatment of ADD affected children and adults.

Atomoxetine is a newly developed non-stimulant medication in ADD that has been attempted in many children suffering from ADD. These types of non-stimulant drugs are highly preferred by patients. This is due to the fact that side effects are minimal in this kind of drugs.

For example, the sleeplessness called as insomnia is common in patients who are administered with mood elevator drugs. Such side effects are not observed during the usage of drugs like atomoxetine. Further, this drug, which is not a stimulant type, is well tolerated by children.

Many children reported on the improvement in their focusing ability after the administration of this drug. The social movements and the feeling on security are improved to a greater extent after the administration of this non-stimulant medication in ADD affected individuals.

In this regard, it is note worthy to mention that many of the stimulant drugs are having multiple side effects like headache or body pain or depression if given in over dose.Most of the non-stimulant type of drugs has been observed to have better effects in the management of the symptoms of ADD.

Strattera is available commercially as a non-stimulant drug and the usage of atomoxetine as a non-stimulant medication in ADD helps to relieve the children from the symptoms of attention deficit disorder related mental derangements.

This can be taken once or twice in a day and hence, the school going children also take it in the evening and this drug comes in the form of a capsule. Without breaking of the capsule, this drug needs to be taken, by mouth.

This drug is not to be given to children below six years of age and since it has the better track record, no harmful effects are noticed during the therapy of children affected with ADD.

Unlike the stimulant type of drugs, these non-stimulant drugs neither act on nor epinephrine and influence the levels of this brain related chemical in such a way that it speeds up the concrete recovery.

Non-stimulants have less potential for thee drug abuse, unlike the case with stimulant type of drugs. In this manner, many prefer now a day the non-stimulant type of drugs.

Many pharmaceutical concerns are paying enhanced emphasis now a day with regard to the development of such medicaments useful for the treating of ADD related symptoms in an effective manner.


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