ADD in children symptoms

ADD in children is related to the revealing of symptoms that need to be detailed. Then only the common persons who are so far not at all aware of existence of such problems in children.

One may even wonder on finding such incidences in children. Suppose let’s imagine that the children get involved in long time watching of TV programmes every day.

There are likely chances for such children to develop these kinds of attention deficit disorders. Children during the routine rearing should be carefully watched for the development of such symptoms.

This will help to undertake the corrective steps required to manage the problems.More than the medical expert, it is the parents or the guardians who need to diagnose these problems in their children first.

Because most of the times, for making diagnosis of these symptoms, one need not undergo an extensive medical examinations like application of scanning or subjecting to the electrocardiography or endosocopy etc.

Children often engage in dreaming but they do it in daytime. How to find they are doing daytime dreaming is another question to be clarified.

They may stand in one place like corner of the house or school. Without doing any actions, simply they stand in an idle manner. Hence, such actions in children need to be looked into seriously.

If the children are very young age group, most of the affected children may be screaming for no reasons. Even movement of hands or feet or both may be seen in a rapid manner.

This is true when compulsive action and impulse-based action are present in them. ADD symptoms in teenagers need to be probed with cautions and care.

From the teacher in the school, complaints are made with regard to the assignments that are done in poor manner. More errors are often found in case of children’s records.

When asked about these types of errors or mistakes, answer will not be received from them in proper manner.The affected children may look carelessly or they pay very negligible attention to the problem indicated by either the teacher or the parent or the guardian.

Peers say that the affected children are often incompatible. ADD symptoms in children comprise even the hyperactivity-based features in the affected kids.Such children may be seen frequently moving their hands or feet.

Certain times, the children may be seen moving both hands and feet without meanings even while they are in resting state. The ADD symptoms in female children are generally very difficult to diagnose.

This may be confirmed particularly when you tend to compare the symptoms with those occurring in case of boys. Because male children are more rebellious in nature when compared to the female children, the ADD symptoms in female children get masked. This can be easily reassured in case of female children who have more IQ.


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