ADD diagnosis in children

ADD diagnosis in children is an art. The children often pose more difficulties in the due recognition of the symptoms due to many reasons. For example, the school going children often engages in activities that can satisfy the class teacher but fail to do the class assignments etc. This is true with case of intellectual female children.

If we probe the history of such children revealing any signs of ADD that help the diagnosis, many a times one comes across about the spending of excessive hours daily to watch the TV programmes.

Such children can be diagnosed by means of their over excitement, restlessness based behavior derangements etc.ADD diagnosis in children is one of the skilled activities on part of both parent and the person offering the various kinds of therapy.

The children may be seen squirming the feet or hands. In most of the occasions, they may be seen squirming both feet and hands. When asked to sit in one place, they may be seen often getting up without any meaning.

Even the ADD diagnosis in children can some times involve the recognition of the children who are engaged in day time dreaming activities. Such children may be seen standing in one corner of the house or a street and will be staring as if they are involved in the serious type of research in the concerned spot.

ADD diagnosis in children sometimes involves the finding of impulsive behavior, evidences of failure to focus in the assigned actions etc.

When you assign some works, the children will be found careless most of the times. You ask them why such carelessness is exhibited in such situations.

The answer you get is amazing. Poor responsibility is reflected in their answer.In certain cases, you may not be able to get any answer. Peers in the school start complaining about the children about the activities carried out with poor attention most of the times.

Even the schoolteacher makes the complaint that the concerned children now a day fail to do the home works assigned or even if they do the home works, more errors are seen in spite of regular suggestions with regard to the corrective measures.

Hence, the diagnosis needs to be made not in a single day but over a period of time comprising many weeks or even months, certain times. The guardian or the parent of the children needs a systematic observation of the specific symptoms subsequent to the listing out the probable signs pertaining to the attention deficit disorders.

Further, to make an effective diagnosis of the ADD affected child, one has to document the findings in a data form and has to present them to the concerned psychologist who performs the counseling.

Parents may also be trained specially in associated institutions with regard to the ADD. Hence, they become capable of making an effective interaction with the concerned children whenever it is possible in the house.


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