ADD diagnosis and treatment

ADD diagnosis and treatment can be considered as the skill based activities in the medical field. The parents or the caretakers of the affected children or the adults often assist the diagnosis.

For a reasonably correct diagnosis, one has to first document the observations encountered in the concerned individual. This helps to diagnose the ADD at a fast rate.

This is particularly of helpful during the counseling of the patients suffering from ADD. The data however is collected often by lay man and not be medical experts.

Hence, one has to analyze the data in an intellectual manner before coming to the conclusion about the presence of attention deficit disorder.

ADD diagnosis and treatment becomes much difficult if the problem is not properly understood. The symptoms in an intellectual girl child going to school are very difficult to diagnose in the beginning.

This is because the child is able to do all works allotted other than the education related matter and somehow attempts to satisfy the teacher.

The facts about the diagnosis and treatment need to be sought by the parent or the guardian by browsing in the Internet and by participating in chat sessions or forums pertaining to the ADD.

Symptoms like reluctance in attending the routine works assigned and doing works in a much-delayed manner without assigning any reason are observed in the affected persons.

ADD diagnosis and treatment needs to be based on scientific approach and particularly the natural medicaments that are proved scientifically need to be given more preference during the tackling of the symptoms of ADD.

Psycho stimulants like methylphenidate may be given to the patients with over excitement based abnormal behavior.However, it is noteworthy to mention that the usage of drugs like dextro amphetamine produced more side effects when compared to the methylphenidate.

Likewise it is to be noted that the psycho stimulant drugs are preferred than the tricyclic antidepressants. Pemoline or deanol are being used frequently in the therapy of ADD.

Medical experts carry out ADD diagnosis and treatment with an eye on multiple approaches. This is not a disease primarily and hence, this disorder due to multiple causes is to be dealt in many ways.

Even the nutritional supplements like provision of ground cereals or fruits is of helpful in the provision of energy in a fast manner. Herbs like Valerian, Melissa etc. are much useful ones in ADD therapy.

Most of the times, the ADD affected persons are lacking in energy status. Additionally, the treatment consists of usage of fish oil along with primrose oil in cases of patients with hyper excitability.

Fish oil also has more omega-3 fatty acid, which is an essential one in health status. Marine fishes have plenty of omega-3 fatty acid that helps in the revitalization of the nervous system.


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