ADD children treatment

ADD treatment in children is generally considered as a skilled activity rather than a routine treatment. This is mainly because of the fact that this is not considered as a disease.

This is a symptom complex caused by many causes. Hence, from this one can logically understand that the therapy of ADD affected persons whether it is an adult or child should involve the usage of multiple approaches.

The treatment consists of usage of multiple drugs under the category of mood elevators or psycho stimulants and also usage of tricyclic group based antidepressants often.

The drugs need to be monitored for the side effects whenever used whether in case of adults or in case of children. For this one needs to understand on the effects and side effects of medications used in ADD treatment in children.

Many children who get dosed with drugs that cause psycho stimulation reveal side effects, particularly when given a high dose rate of the concerned drugs.

Hence, an experienced medical expert always starts with low dose rather than a high dose, during the treatment. Such actions help the avoidance of any unwanted or unfavorable side effects of the concerned drugs.

High dosing leads to the development of compliant behavior, whereas the low dose administered leads to enhance the learning capability of the concerned children.

Further, the children are able to cope up with the increased academic works. Many a times, the drugs are given before breakfast and lunch.

However, the dosing depends on the factors like severity of symptoms in the affected children and the drug tolerance capacity of the children, which actually varies with child to child, in reality.

Hence it needs a thorough and systematic analysis on the part of the medical expert. Such practice helps in effecting the speedy and the more meaningful recovery.

The drugs if effectively used in children may be of highly useful provided other forms of interference in this condition are also made along with this. For this the children may be provided with nutritional supplements.

Fish oil may be given to them because the fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The ADD affected children or adults are deficient in fatty acids. Hence, the supplementation is of more useful one in children.

ADD treatment in children also associates the usage of herbal products. Valerian is one of the herbs being used in case of control of hyper excitability based behavioral modifications.

The Valerian is one of the herbs being used frequently to control the over excitement in case of children or adult. Counseling is also an effective way of therapy in these cases.

Similarly, the Melissa or wild oat seeds form other forms of natural medicaments useful in therapy of ADD. In general, the ADD treatment in children has to be taken as a significant one, which is somewhat different from that in case of adult. Ashwagandha is one of the herbs useful in the tackling of impulse based over reactions.


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