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New medication for ADD comprises the recent findings in the pharmacological field that help the speedy and concrete recovery of the patient with behavioral derangements in the abnormal manner.

The medication guidelines related with ADD reveal the new medications that come to the market and inform about the dos and don’ts of usage of such therapy.

New medication for ADD now a day involves some forms of drugs that are given in a sustainable manner rather in a very frequent manner.

Hence, then mechanisms that assist the sustained release are highly welcome ones in the pharmaceutical side for the effective therapy of attention deficit disorders.Atomoxetine is a new medication for ADD recently developed for the therapy of the ADD affected persons.

But the drug trials are still on the way in an effective manner and such newer medicaments are highly welcome ones because these kinds of drugs may have lesser side effects when compared to the traditionally used drugs.

Further, the drug is being under consideration for use in children affected with ADD. The insomnia that is commonly noticed during the usage of medications consisting of stimulant type of drugs is not found in case of atomoxetine.

Further, this drug may be chosen in case of patients who revealed poor drug tolerance to the stimulant type of drugs used in the treatment of ADD.Similarly, the new medication for ADD involves usage of drugs with double beads.

For example, double micro beads are used in the holding of drug called methyhenidate, which is one of the commonly employed drugs in the treatment of the mental derangements. Cost factor is one of the problem encountered in the development of such newer drugs.

Sustained release mechanisms available with these double micro beaded drugs are of highly useful ones in the patients affected with mental agony. Because of these newer medications, one is able to manage the clinical condition associated with ADD by less frequent drug administration strategy.

Trileptal is a newer drug now a day chosen in the treatment of ADD related symptoms of nervous system. If the over dosage of newer drugs are given, then also depression may occur.

Hence, it is always better to follow the standard dosing regimen and in any point of time, it is better to avoid the over dosing because over dosing many a time results in the unwanted side effects in the concerned patient.

Many drugs are on the pipeline for the therapy of ADD affected patients. Osmolality related changes are taken into association for the development of newer drugs that are useful for the treating of mental agony in the affected persons.

Changes in the osmolality of the various fluid media in different systems of the body are taken into account for the development of newer drugs for ADD.


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